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Lyman Real Estate Brokerage & Development is a full-service real estate firm serving Central and Eastern Connecticut in all of their commercial and industrial brokerage, development and property management needs. With years of experience in a broad spectrum of real estate activities, such as development, marketing, leasing, sales and management, the agency has a large pool of contacts and methods from which to attract potential buyers and tenants.

Unusual qualities of specific properties and combines it with "out of the box" thinking in order to determine a unique blend of uses to attractinterested purchasers. Lyman takes pride in looking beyond traditional limits to offer new potential uses, so properties listed with us stand out from all others in the area.

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Areas of Expertise

• Full Service Real Estate
• Commercial & Industrial
• Development
• Marketing
• Attracting Buyers & Tenants
• Leasing
• Sales & Management
• Tenant/Buyer Representation

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